Provide restricted Configs access to an application.

A Configu Token is useful for:

  • Authenticating the Configu CLI from a non-interactive system (e.g., CI/CD, Docker)
  • Authenticating in real-time using one of our SDKs

Creating a Token

To generate a token, head over to the Token page in the Settings tab. New tokens are assigned the reader role.


A token can optionally be given an expiration date.

image image

Safely store the token value. You won't be able to see it again!

Assign roles to a Token

Organization tokens can be given roles that define what resources they can access. Read more about role assignment in the authorization page. image image

  • Tokens cannot be assigned the viewer role.

Revoking a Token

In case a token is no longer necessary, you may prematurely revoke a token at any time.