All software is a combination of code that defines the software logic and configurations that customize the software behavior. Engineers typically store configurations as raw text across different places as opposed to code that is stored in a source control solution. This eventually leads to mismanagement and potentially critical production errors.

Configu is an E2E application configuration management platform for environment variables, secrets, feature flags, and any configuration related to code. We provide engineering teams with a holistic set of tools to handle all aspects of configuration that prevent misconfigurations and critical failures from reaching production.

With Configu, teams can collaborate more effectively, be more productive, and have visibility, reliability, and security over configurations.

Get started with Configu


No prerequisites to get started!

  1. Install the Configu cli
  2. Declare your service schema
  3. Create a configuration store
  4. Upsert the configuration schema and initialized values
  5. Export the relevant configuration on any format or to any runtime

Community and open-source

We are great believers in open-source and have released our core product as an open-source on

If you would like to contribute code, give us feedback or have any suggestions, we welcome you to be part of our Discord channel and help us grow.

Need Help and Support?

We are always eager to talk to developers & devops engineers, and we'd be happy to help with anything regarding Configu and/or configurations in general.

Join our Slack channel or reach out to us via email at