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GitOps vs. DevOps: 5 Differences & Will GitOps Replace DevOps?

DevOps unifies software development and IT operations. GitOps applies DevOps best practices using Git for infrastructure and applications.

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The GitOps Guide Blog Banner

The GitOps Guide: Principles, Examples, Tools & Best Practices

GitOps is a paradigm or a set of practices that empowers developers to perform tasks typically done by IT operations.

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GitHub Secrets The Basics and 4 Critical Best Practices Blog Banner

GitHub Secrets: The Basics and 4 Critical Best Practices

GitHub Actions is a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform, built into the popular GitHub platform.

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8 feature flag best practices you must know blog banner

8 Feature Flags Best Practices You Must Know

Learn what are Feature Flag Managers and the 8 Feature Flag best practices every developer and DevOps should know about.

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Feature flag management blog banner

Feature Flags Management: Key Features & 5 Powerful Solutions

Feature flags are conditional code statements that can be turned 'on' or 'off' to control the visibility and functionality of certain software features.

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Secret management blog banner

Secret Management: Why, How, and 5 Critical Best Practices

Secret management is about controlling who has access to sensitive information in a software environment

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Kubernetes secrets blog banner

Kubernetes Secrets: A Practical Guide

Kubernetes secrets refer to managing sensitive data like passwords, tokens, SSH keys, and a specific Kubernetes feature, ‘Secrets’, handling this data.

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misconfigurations matter blog banner

Misconfigurations Matter: How to Identify, Fix, and Prevent Them

A misconfiguration is an element in a system or application that is not configured correctly.

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configuration management software blog banner

Configuration Management Software: Infrastructure vs. Applications

Configuration management software automates and controls configuration changes. It applies to both infrastructure management and application configurations.

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configuration files blog banner

Configuration Files: Types, Examples, and 5 Critical Best Practices

Configuration files are used to configure the parameters and initial settings of computer programs.

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dotenv blog banner

dotenv: Managing Environment Variables in Node, Python, PHP, and More

Dotenv is a zero-dependency library or module that loads environment variables from a .env file for easier management.

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Github Actions Environment Variables

Github Actions Environment Variables: Uses, Types and Tutorial

GitHub Actions is CI/CD platform that automates development pipelines, from the build stage through to testing and deployment.

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