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Docker Environment Variables: ARG, ENV & Using Them Correctly

Docker uses environment variables to customize your Docker containers and applications without having to modify your Dockerfiles or container images.

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Working with Python Env Variables

Working with Python Environment Variables and 5 Best Practices You Should Know

Python environment variables are dynamic named values that can change the way running processes behave on a computer.

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what is configuration-as-code and 5 tips for success

What Is Configuration-as-Code (CaC) and 5 Tips for Success

Configuration-as-Code (CaC) suggests managing configuration data through code instead of manual or proprietary tools.

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Hacktoberfest 2023: Where Open Source Enthusiasts of All Levels Unite

Hacktoberfest is a global month-long celebration of open source software. Join us as we explore the impact and stories of this vibrant community, and learn how to contribute to open source, even if you're a beginner.

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Authorization Over Configurations using OpenFGA

Secure your application's configurations with fine-grained authorization using OpenFGA. Learn how to implement a simple authorization model and extend it to support more complex requirements.

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Configuration Management: What DevOps Teams Need to Know

Configuration management is a process for maintaining a product's performance and functional attributes with its requirements, design, and operational considerations.

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Video first steps with configu

Video: First Steps with Configu

Learn how to simplify configuration management with Configu open-source software and cloud platform and the configuration-as-code approach.

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securing your configurations

Securing Your Configurations: The Need for Advanced Authorization

Learn how to enable granular access control, comprehensive auditing, RBAC and ABAC to your application configurations.

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Unmasking Ghost Parameters

Unmasking Ghost Parameters, or How to Save Time and Money

Ghost parameters have faded from use in your code but still lurk in your configuration files, draining resources and costing money. Find and fix them!

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From ENV files to configuration-as-code

Why you should shift from ENV files to Configuration-as-Code

the drawbacks of using environment variables stored in ENV files and why Configuration-as-Code (CaC) is a much stronger approach.

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Unleashing the Power of Configuration-as-Code

In this thrilling sequel, we embark on a captivating exploration of Configu—an open-source implementation of Configuration as Code (CaC) for application configuration management.

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Managing HashiCorp Vault with Configu Orchestrator

Today's developer teams are tasked with having to manage Config Ops on the platform as well, and HashiCorp Vault is a great opportunity to show how Configu lets you only worry about your config schemas.

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