Stores are where your data will be stored, and you can work with multiple stores at the same time. Data can be linked between different stores, for example, if you're using Configu's store with HashiCorp Vault, your secrets can be stored in the vault and linked to Configu via the metadata (the secret path /kv/production/example-secret) and the pairing will be done locally at the export through our open-source interface.

Configu's interfaces support many stores and are open source! Therefore, you can add your own store if it does not already exist.

Supported stores:

Start work with store

To connect configu's CLI to the preferred store, run the configu store command

configu store --name "store-name" --uri "store-uri" # uses the name "default" if you choose not to specify any name

In order to connect Configu's store, you need to do the following:

  1. Register the Saas application at
  2. Create an organization for your company
  3. Connect your CLI with your store interactively (locally) or via token
configu store --name "default" --uri "configu://-" # interactive login
configu store --name "default" --uri "configu://[access-token]@<org-id>"