Configu Sets

Sets are where you initialize values for your schema keys, you can have unlimited number of sets. The 'sets' are organized in a tree structure, starting from the root (/) set, and enable inheritance system, to reduce copying of values again and again.

A Set most likely represents an environment or an instance of a service/application. They enable easy separation and management of values between those different environments.

When Configu exports a set, all keys will be exported, keys without a value (haven't been assigned or inherited values or have default values) will be exported with empty value.

Defining A Set

To define a new set, you can easily use the upsert command

configu upsert \
[--store "store-name | store-uri"] # uses "default" store by default
--set "/set-name" --schema "./schema-name.cfgu.json" \
[--config "key1=value"]
[--import] # import the value from an existing configuration file 
[--interactive] # with Configu store, this will open the set form interactively and simply within the app

Give your set a meaningful name, and set its parent set (declare as a path /parent/set-name), as well as what the default export format for this set should be (only available on the app).

Attaching A Secret From A Secret Manager

Configu supports fetching sensitive info from many popular secret managers if you provide it a token to fetch them at runtime.

To link a value that's stored in a secret manager whitin the app, click the button to the right of the key in the set interactive editor as you define the set, choose the secret manager and provide the path for the key:

Or use the upsert command and link the value as an object referencing to another store (read more about other stores)

configu upsert \
--set "/set-name" --schema "./schema-name.cfgu.json" \
--config "key1={type:'HashiCorpVault', path:'kv/prod/some-secret'}"

Cloning A Set

Cloning a set lets you make an exact copy of it with a new name.

To clone a set, navigate to Sets and click on the set you want to clone. To the right, click on the ellipsis menu and select "Clone".

Deleting A Set


Deleting A Set Is Irreversible!

If you delete a set there's no way to restore it other than re-creating it.

To delete a set, navigate to Sets and click on the set you want to delete. To the right, click on the elipsis menu and select "Delete".

Or use the delete command

configu delete --set "/development/local-set"