Configu's Data privacy

Security is our top priority! as developers our goal is to promote better security practices by creating products that effectively let developers avoid unsafe configuration practices, and we take the need for these practices very seriously.

We know how sensitive your configuration data and your 3rd party tokens are, so we build Configu with security by design. All of your secrets and 3rd party tokens are visible and processed only on our open-source tools.
When you upsert/export configuration that contains a secret or you want to integrate into a runtime solution, you need to provide the token to the open-source interface you work with (CLI/SDK), it runs locally on your side and the tokens/secrets are never sent to the SaaS.

Additionally, Configu can increase your security by providing a layer of permissions above the configurations and an option to sync your configuration directly to your application and then clear the values from the OS so if someone succeeds to gain access to your application, all of you secrets and other configurations will be available only on your process context.